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Website Design

We design, host and maintain beautiful websites for small businesses, huge enterprises and everything the in between. Contact us today with your requirements!

Starting at £299.99/one time

£199.99/one time

Why choose us for your website development

Vlexor takes care of every aspect of your website development from start to finish, you don't need any experience whatsoever and we're here for you every step of the way.

Full Website Design

We'll design a website based on your requirements, we'll even show you some template designs before you pay a single penny!

Hosting Taken Care Of

We'll host your brand new website and take care of all the backend setup, you just pay any server hosting and domain costs.

Domain Name Setup

Whether you've already got a domain or need help buying one to match your fancy new website, we're here every step of the way.

Full File Access

If you decide not to host with us we can still design your website without charging a monthly/yearly subscription for website hosting!

SEO Ranking Included

Any website designed and hosted by us includes free SEO Search Engine optimisation to get your snazzy new website notice on Google!

Courtesy Changes

After completing your website design we offer a 7-day window where any minor changes to pages, pictures and text are free of charge!

Contact us today with your website requirements!

We believe that when it comes to website design, there's nothing better than an old fashioned chat about you're requirements and what you might come to expect from Vlexor's website design services.

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