Fully DDoS Protected

All of our datacenters are fully DDoS protected against any type and any size of attack, our infrastructure detects and mitigates attacks before they reach your service.

Automated Fault Detection

We offer a free 24/7 automated hardware monitoring system that detects hardware faults and alerts our 24/7 on-site technicians before the problem develops.

Dedicated Support

Our dedicated in-house Customer Service Team is available to answer any questions that you may have regarding your our services.

Support Center

Integrated DDoS Protection

Our network equipment across all locations is backed by enterprise grade DDoS protection gear to ensure your services stay online even in the event of an attack. All products are protected without additional charge, locations vary on the amount of protection and more information is available further down this page, our locations' protection total amounts to over 2.5 Tbps.

You also have the possibility to firewall each IP address associated with your service.
Please contact our Sales Department for more details.

We protect your services against the following attacks:

  • TCP/UDP Floods
  • HTTP GET/POST Floods
  • UDP Fragmentation
  • XOR DDoS
  • NTP/DNS Amplification
  • SSDP/UPNP Responses
  • Chargen Responses
  • SNMP Responses
  • Connection holding
  • HOIC and LOIC
  • Spoofed SYN
  • Many More!

Specific IP Protection

DDoS Protected and Customizable Firewall

£5.00/ IP Address
  • 2.5 Tbps DDoS Protection
  • Port Management
  • IP Management
  • 100% Uptime
  • Available In All Locations

Instantaneous Mitigation

No matter the type, size or duration of the attack, our infrastructure instantly mitigates the attack away from your service before it effects performance.

Automated Hardware Monitoring

Our optional 24/7 automated hardware monitoring system detects any faults that occur with your service and alert our in-house technicians that are on-site 24/7/365 and will replace hardware within 30 minutes of being notified.

Our DDoS Protection Capacity

On the right you can see a table containing detailed reports of each of our datacenter locations' DDoS protection mitigation capacity, whilst we display these numbers confidently we are sure that the network can handle more as these numbers are based on the current largest attacks our infrastructure has successfully mitigated.

Below you can also see a graph pulled from our mitigation system during a live attack, the graph scaled over a 10 second period.

For more information regarding our DDoS protection please check our Knowledgebase or contact our Customer Service Team as they will only be more than happy to help.

Location Capacity
London 260 Gbps
Washington 120 Gbps
Gravelines 280 Gbps
Strasbourg 120 Gbps
Frankfurt 350 Gbps
Warsaw 140 Gbps
Beauharnois 120 Gbps
Sydney 80 Gbps
Singapore 80 Gbps